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Pioneer Telephone Company provides residential and business telephone services to LaCrosse, Endicott, Hay, Hooper, Central Ferry, Dusty, Winona, Riparia, and other surrounding areas. phone
Contact us at 549-3511 to start or update your service.

  Residential Business
Monthly Charge $18.00 $18.00
One-Time Connection Fee $13.00 $14.00

Call Feature


Monthly Charge
Call Block
(per call)
Prevents the display of your name and number on a per-call basis Free

Call Block
(per line)

Prevents the display of your name and number on all calls Free
Deny 900 Calls Prevents your line from dialing 900 numbers Free
Anonymous Call Rejection Callers from blocked numbers receive a message that you do not accept blocked calls $1.50
Call Forwarding Immediately transfers incoming calls to another number of your choice $1.50
Call Forwarding
Transfers calls to another number of your choice when your line is busy $1.50
Call Forwarding
(no answer)
Transfers calls to another number of your choice if your line is not answered within a predetermined number of rings $2.50
Call Forwarding
Turn call forwarding on or off from any location $1.50
Call Trace
(per use)
Records the last call received and sends the number to the phone company (by order of the sheriff's department) $1.50
Call Waiting A tone alerts you of incoming calls while you're on the phone, allowing you to transfer between calls $1.50
Caller ID
(name & number)
Displays the name and phone number of incoming calls $4.00
Continuous Redial Automatically redials a busy number until it becomes available $1.50
Distinctive Ringing Allows two phone numbers to use a single telephone line by assignigng a distinctive ring to the second line $5.00
Last Call Return Automatically redials the last incoming call number, whether the call was answered or not $1.50
Selective Call Forwarding Forward up to ten numbers to a phone number of your choice $1.50
Selective Call Rejection Blocks unwanted calls from up to ten specified numbers $1.50
Speed Calling
Set a one- or two-digit code for frequently called numbers (up to eight numbers) $1.50
Speed Calling
Set a one-or two-digit code for frequently called numbers (up to 30 numbers) $1.50
Telemarketer Call Screening Blocks telemarketers from calling your number and learns who your friends are and lets those calls through uninterupted $1.50
Three-Way Calling Allows calls from three phones to communicate simulatneously $1.50
Voice Mail Stores messages from incoming calls that may be checked from any phone $4.95

Feature Monthly Charge
Additional Listing $0.50
Nonpublished Number $0.50

Note: Local, state, and federal taxes are not included in the above rates.
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